How to add a blog post

– Start by reading the terms and conditions.

You can find these at the top right of the website on a computer, or in the menu bar on a mobile phone or tablet/iPhone. Look for “t&c (terms and conditions)”. 

You need to agree with the terms and conditions in order to contribute a blog post to eynsham lockdown.

– Write your blog post.

– Send it in an email to:


Then what happens?

– One of us will read your email to check that it complies with the T&Cs. 

– We will email you to acknowledge receipt of your blog post and to ask you four simple questions:
– Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions? Answer Yes or No.
– What name would you like to use for your blog post? Answer ‘Real name’ or ‘Anonymous’, or provide a nickname/pseudonym.
– Do you agree for us to hold your name and email address for the duration of the Eynsham Lockdown project? It will only ever be used to contact you about your post(s) and it will never be divulged to third parties. Answer Yes or No.
– We hope at some future point to convert the blog posts into print form, for villagers to have access to, and for posterity. Do you agree to us using your post(s) for this purpose? Answer Yes or No.

– If your blog post does not comply with the T&Cs, we will let you know and ask you to refer to them again and resubmit, if you wish. 

– We will publish your blog post onto the website. It will be available for you and the public to read. We will aim to do this as soon as possible, and it should certainly be uploaded within 48 hours.

Where to start?

If you’d like a starting point for your post(s), think about these questions: 

– Has life changed for you during lockdown? 

– In what ways has it changed? 

– How are you finding it? 

– Are there positives? What are they?

– Are there negatives? What are they?

– What are you doing to make things easier for yourself and/or others? 

– What suggestions do you have for other people to make things easier? 

– What have you liked about the village response? 

– What funny things have happened during lockdown, if any?

– What sad things have happened?

– Is there anyone you would like to remember?