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Ruminations of Pilot the Pooch (5)

I get really confused just lately by just how quickly I can go from Pilot the pet to Pilot the pest in a split second. It’s walking on egg-shells a lot of the time – they get so wound up… and I’ve got FOUR feet!!!!! 

For instance, they’ve taken to dancing about in front of one of their screens, so naturally I thought ‘Oh goody – this is something I can help with.’ What happens? Jessica lands flat on the floor and I get the blame.  ‘In your basket, Pilot!’ – just like that !!! Well, I leave it a while then rest my head on my front paws and make with the sighs and sad looks. That soon has them laughing.  After that, it’s a doddle – lots of stroking and scratching. They find it sooooo relaxing. 

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor