Blog post by Toby Goss

Eynsham Morris

Six months on from the start of lockdown, it has become clear that the Covid-19 virus is not going anywhere, any time soon. The village has been quiet without the Morris dancing around the streets! While we would love to make an appearance, the ongoing situation makes the likelihood of this occurring as we venture into autumn problematic at best. We haven’t been entirely dormant, however. I posted videos of my solo dances and singing on May morning (May 1st) and on the day that would have been Carnival on our Facebook page, and we’ve been posting past videos and other activities by our members on social media.

Most importantly, we’ve recently been starting to meet to socialise at the pub again, once a week – albeit in a small group, and observing the proper safety guidelines, naturally. We’ve been keeping in touch with each other regularly, making sure we’re all coping with the situation and have everything we need. Personally, the social group of the Morris has made lockdown much easier to bear, especially as I live alone and have been working at home. I’m sure you’ve seen some of us around over the past six months! Rest assured, when it’s safe, we will be back, filling the streets with colour, music and bells. We can’t wait!

Toby Goss – secretary

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor