Blog post by Snooby

Eynsham Lockdown Diary

Lockdown really didn’t change my life much as I am housebound in a wheelchair so only go out for medical appointments. These ceased for a while but now things are more organised and I can attend them again. It was a great relief to get my eyes tested. as I was aware that I needed new glasses. That is now sorted but I am still not able to have the diabetic eye test I need. I have not needed the help of the Eynsham volunteers as I managed to get priority slots with several supermarkets, who deliver every week. However it has been such a comfort knowing that there was help if I needed it. Reading about all these wonderful volunteers and the food bank has made me realise what a wonderful Community we live in and that I would love to be more of a part of it. When we moved here I was working and caring for my mother who lived in her own house nearby. Even when she moved into a home and I gave up work I still felt responsible and without realizing it I began to suffer from an acute anxiety disorder, so I really feel for the NHS, teachers and all the other key workers who have been affected by this terrible condition. I started to have panic attacks and experienced alarming sleepwalking. I found it increasingly difficult to walk and after I broke my ankle (sleep walking) I found myself having to use a wheelchair and have not been able to give it up. So if you know anyone who is suffering from anxiety as a result of Covid please be patient with them, do not tell them to “cheer up“or “pull themselves together”, be patient and give them time to talk.

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor