Blog post by Lucy Badger

Closing thoughts

On 31 March on Eynsham Volunteers Facebook page I floated the idea of a village lockdown diary and Laura Montgomery Stringer fortuitously suggested that I contact Sarah Medina. Little did we know then that this amazing village Diary would ensue from our collaboration.  I hope that contributors and readers have gained as much support and comfort from it as I have. I have been so impressed by the determination, resilience and creativity demonstrated.

We have, over 10 long months, been through so much, battling against this virus and yet today, 30 December, the battle seems to be raging as fiercely as ever with 50,023 positive cases and 981 deaths in the last 24 hours. Here in Oxfordshire we have been under Tier 4 restrictions, more or less another lockdown, since Boxing Day.  This very sad news is counterbalanced by the positive news that there are now two vaccines approved for use in the UK to fight the virus, one already being administered and the second, the Oxford vaccine, due to be rolled out next week.

I want to end positively. People are kinder, friendlier, wanting to help others in true community spirit.  The enforced economic slowdown and much reduced travel has created more concern for nature and the environment, and the notion that we should not go back to our old ways. People have made the effort to keep in touch more regularly with family and friends, albeit virtually. Out of adversity we have built a stronger, more caring community, ready to face 2021 with hope and determination.

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor