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Ruminations of Pilot the Pooch (10)

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m chasing my tail – I’m so excited …! Gran Taylor is coming to see us and stay the night. We haven’t seen her for ever such a long time – apart from on Dad’s screen. The twins can’t wait – they’ve missed her so much.

I’ve been worried about them for ages. This virus thing has really scared them. They been especially worried about Dad delivering stuff to care homes ’cause, apparently, that’s where it’s been worse. Anyway, these days he’s at home a lot more, working in the garden with the kids.

You’ll be pleased to hear next door’s cat has gone away, presumably to annoy some other guard-dog and leave us all in peace. So now I can get on with my job looking after the family – an’ what’s more, I’ll look after Gran as well … even if she does forget to bring me some doggie chocolate drops. 

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor