Blog post by Ladylarfalot

Ruminations of Pilot the Pooch (20)

Hello, everyone, remember me? It’s Pilot – everyone’s favourite spaniel. 

From the end of August, it seemed to me everything in our little world went back to near normal. Both Grans came on regular visits, the twins went back to school, and Dad seemed to be out working as hard as ever, in addition to helping the wonderful people at Eynsham Community Larder. Mum carried on working from home and I did my usual job guarding everything here for them. Don’t know how they would have managed without my input, though, because I’ve been hard at work making sure nothing nasty comes in here – including next door’s cat which, I’m sure has designs on the lovely garden everyone made during the summer.

Just as we were all relaxing and looking forward to next year’s vaccinations comes this horror. Seems there are now three different types of virus and everyone’s on high alert. The Grans couldn’t come here for Christmas and we just don’t now when the twins will go back to school after the holiday. 

Still, as Mum says, we must all stay as nice and kind to each other as we have been – and wait patiently for the injections that will send the nasty blighter to the devil where it belongs.


Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor