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Ruminations of Pilot the Pooch (14)

Gran Taylor does’t like our next-door neighbour with the ‘orrible cat – calls him Cod’s-head, which makes everyone laugh.¬†Anyway, last weekend, I got proper upset when my family all went out and left me. I was terrified they wouldn’t find their way home without me to show the way. I sat it the hall yelling, ‘Where are YOOOOOoooo??????’ over an’ over till all of a sudden old Cod’s-head pushed open the letterbox and shouted ‘Shut-up, you blasted animal!’ I wasn’t having that! With a ‘Grrrrrr’, I flew at the door and nearly had his nose off. Then I went back to my bed – and found the bone that had been left for me to chew till they came back. They can’t manage without me, y’know.¬†

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor