Blog post by Golsby Butchers

I have been involved in the butchers in the village for 20 years now; it is a wonderful and vibrant village.

During the COVID pandemic early weeks I was taken ill with a temperature and decided to shut the shop for the 10 days to isolate with my family. Luckily after a couple of days in bed I was up and about, ready to play with my 2 young boys and help my wife out (which was very welcomed), boys of 2 and nearly 5 are a handful to say the least. The messages I received from customers were overwhelming and supportive, saying have a speedy recovery and hurry back to the shop we miss you!

That’s Eynsham in a heartbeat, always getting behind you and supporting the local businesses. Talking to other businesses in the village gives you a great picture of how the people in Eynsham love the local shops/businesses and the shopping experience.  I love to hear people talking in my shop, catching up with each other and generally being chatty. Business has been brisk, seeing a sharp rise in orders from people isolating and shielding. Some restrictions with suppliers have been challenging, having to make sure the stock I can get goes around to all and not the few. I have delivered to houses in streets I haven’t been to before and didn’t know were there. My little village map has been very well used and some of the countryside around the outskirts is spectacular and beautiful. Getting lost on the way to Appleton on a sunny afternoon was quite pleasant.

Having to restrict the amount of customers in the shop to 2 has been challenging for both them and us, making sure everyone is safe, including James. Serving has been learning to dance in our small work area, quick footwork a must! 

We will continue to serve the village as best we can for the future. Times are changing and challenging in lots of ways and I look forward to making my little shop as good for the village as I can. I am very grateful for our customers and wish them all the best – stay safe! 


Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor