Blog post by Eileen Mace


Who would have thought we would be still fighting the Covid 19 Virus ten months on and still it continues to spread?

We have come to accept that our daily lives are very restricted but count our blessings we live in such a caring village.  The very kind people of Eynsham continue to help all those in need.

We are also lucky to live in the countryside where there are numerous walks. The very un-natural necessity of social distancing has now become normal although I do struggle with having to keep 2 metres apart; it feels rude and bad mannered. Then the trying to recognise who is the person wearing the mask by just seeing eyes. And of course, always washing hands after every outing or touching anything outside the house. It’s all a small price to pay if it keeps us well. 

The good news is it looks like there is a little light at the end of the tunnel with different vaccines being approved. As I write this, people over 80 are being offered the vaccine, I am 76 so I think it will only be a few weeks before, I hopefully, will receive it.

Christmas is fast approaching – it’s going to be very different for most folk but if we can all be extra sensible and don’t mix with others, then what we miss out on this year, there will be many more years to celebrate.

Perhaps when the virus is under control, we could all go out and hug a stranger. The slogan then could be ‘HOLD HANDS, KISS FACE, HUG ALL’

Eileen Mace

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor