Blog post by Eileen Mace


On the 16th March 2020 the Government advised over 70s to stay in to stay safe. As we are 75 and vulnerable to catching Covid 19  my husband and I decided to do exactly as we were told; we even gave up the 30 to 60 minute a day allowed time to go out for exercise. I contacted our amazing Eynsham volunteers who kindly collected our prescriptions from the chemist, I took up the offer from a friend to do our food shopping, I even got my husband to do a daily keep fit work out from You tube. As time went on, I tried for hours on the computer to get a food delivery from one of the major supermarkets with no luck, then I read in the Eynsham news our local Spar will deliver, Hooray! I phoned them and they kindly took my order and said they would phone me when the order was ready to be delivered. I sat in my garden, excited (yes, over a food delivery) waiting for the phone to ring. 1pm phone rings, up I jump, trip on patio fall and dislocate and fracture my shoulder also smash my glasses into my face and hit my head and badly bruise my knees. Yes, I screamed with the acute pain. So instead of Spar arriving an Ambulance did. Not where I wanted to be going to a hospital at a time like this however the wonderful NHS took care of me and I am slowly recovering. Unfortunately, I still have a way to go as soft tissue has been badly damaged but I will get there and I hope when this dreadful Pandemic has finally gone, I will look back and not remember the pain and isolation but the wonderful kindness of the Eynsham Community. Also, my wonderful husband who has and is taking such good care of me. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Just sorry I could only do the Stay in and NOT STAY SAFE.

Eileen Mace

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor