Blog post by Carmen Fraser

A Time of Waiting
(6th May 2020)

The wrinkles of time stretch out across my ageing hands,
Gathering in pits and falls as I massage the memories away.
Memories of a different time
When we were free to roam the lands that God has placed before us

How long oh Lord how long?

How long must we wait in silence to be free to wonder again?
How long must we stay under house arrest desperate to seek out friends once more?

How long oh Lord how long?

We have pressed pause on the life that we knew only to find the play button no longer works
There is no instant release from our time in limbo, but rather a diverting path and we await our instructions on how to find it.

Many are content here finding a peaceful space in which to breathe once more. Released from the chaos that once was.
Others, as in a prison cell with walls ever closing in, confining their sense of self and the very air they breathe being squeezed out with each new sunrise.

How long oh Lord how long?

At this very moment all seems at peace in my world with the dog beneath my seat, the dove cooing from the branch alongside me. That same sunrise beating down upon my place of rest, warming my skin to its kiss. At peace it would seem, however, within, a different story to tell. One of turmoil and fear, as I await that dreaded message from the nest of Covid testing. Is my daughter positive or negative to this virus that plagues the earth and has brought our world to a grinding halt. So,on the outside, at peace, tranquil, in fact. But within? Well, there lays a different tale entirely, still waiting to be told. What the ending will be is not yet known. Each chapter waiting yet to unfold and this author has no control over where the twisted narrative may lead.

This is the awaited test results letter received

7th May 2020


Dear Scarlett Fraser

Your Covid-19 test has come back NEGATIVE. You don’t have the virus at this time.
You can stop self-isolating. Return to work if you haven’t had a fever for 48 hours and feel well. Continue to monitor for symptoms. Always contact your employer before returning to work.
If someone in your household tested positive and you did not have symptoms on the day of testing, you must self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of the first person’s symptoms, or 7 days if you did have symptoms on the day of testing.
Care home staff/residents with persistent symptoms need an assessment by their healthcare provider, as a repeat test may be required. Please follow specific advice for care homes.
For further advice go to coronavirus.If you have symptoms and your condition gets worse, go to NHS 111 online, call 111, or dial 999 in an emergency.

Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor