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Trees of Hope

Logo of Trees of Hope

Over the May weekend, did you see messages, in the form of leaves, tied onto Trees of Hope in Eynsham Square and nearby villages? These ‘leaves’ were a response to an invitation by our local Extinction Rebellion group for our communities to express hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better world after COVID-19. Children painted pictures, one with the poignant message, “I miss my friends”. Other messages were about: Caring and Connections, “I hope we will maintain a stronger, fairer community” and “Let’s re-wild and re-connect with nature”; Sustainability, “I hope that we re-invest in the green economy, not back to business as usual” and; ‘Can do’ is possible, “I hope we remember we can make big changes in an emergency!”

Feedback on the street suggests that this action nourished community spirit, encouraged people to think about how it is possible for governments, communities and individuals to change quickly and how they might contribute to a better future. Amazingly, a video of the leaves in the Square has more than 600 views to date on Twitter from around the country. Pretty good for a small local action.

Angie Titchen, for XR Swallows, West Oxfordshire

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Author: Eynsham Lockdown Editor