Eynsham Lockdown logo: shelter with key and sun on green background (copyright J.R. Medina)

eynsham lockdown has been set up by a small team of your fellow villagers as a space for you – people who live in Eynsham – to record your experiences of life during the coronavirus pandemic, including lockdown. 

Life has changed for all of us, young and old, and it can be very helpful
to write about aspects of our ‘new’ lives, in order to help us to
make sense of them. 

Having our blog posts here together enables us to share our experiences,
share the overall experience and feel connected to each other.  

And when this is all over, in the future, we and others can look back
on this virtual ‘diary’ – a powerful record of a common lived experience. 

So, eynsham lockdown is for you and about you. Here, you can:

– write as much or as little as you like in your blog post;

– write as many blog posts as you like; and

– read the experiences of other villagers.

Eynsham Lockdown team

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