Eynsham Lockdown logo: shelter with key and sun on green background (copyright J.R. Medina)

A very warm welcome to this diary of our village, Eynsham, in lockdown. 

It is 2020. We have all been affected in lots of different ways by SARS-Cov-2, commonly known as coronavirus or Covid-19. Schools, universities and places of work have been closed. Some people have been working from home, others have been furloughed, and key workers have been putting in Herculean hours and effort to keep essential things moving. Health workers have been trying to save lives – and, sadly, some have lost their own in this effort.

This diary records our many diverse experiences of living under coronavirus lockdown. From our senior citizens to our young children, from those working on the front line to those working at home, for everyone, our lives have been changed. Some entries will be amusing, some sad, some ordinary and some extraordinary. They all have their rightful place in this record. 

Thank you for recording your diary entry. Please do visit us again to make further entries and to read those of other villagers.

Note for the future: We hope, at some point when all this is behind us, to create a printed version of this village diary. We would like it to be stored somewhere accessible to all, so anyone can read it. Our hope is for it to be kept safely for posterity, so those who follow us can understand and appreciate something of the spirit and nature of this wonderful village.